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What does EFI do?
As the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing, EFI is well positioned to meet the growing demand for high quality digital color printing through its three product categories: server & embedded controllers; industrial inkjet systems; and professional printing software solutions. EFI is at the forefront of delivering innovative digital color imaging technology to the printing industry with its award-winning solutions and best-of-breed, document management tools integrated from creation to print.
Digital Print Servers
Headlined by EFI's flagship Fiery® brand, the company's core business transforms digital copiers and printers into networked printing devices. Once networked, EFI-powered printers and copiers can be shared across workgroups, departments, the enterprise and the Internet to quickly and economically produce high-quality color and black & white documents. Fiery Production solutions are designed for customers in mission-critical environments, such as high-end graphic arts, design firms, commercial printers, and pre-press businesses, delivering value-added applications that enable these customers to maximize their digital printers. EFI workflow software enhances productivity across the production printing job cycle, from pre-press to digital or offset print production. EFI's Proofing Solutions allow professional printers to accurately and affordably proof color documents before sending them to an offset printing press. EFI's consistent, intuitive user interfaces reduce the potential for operator error, streamline complex job cycles, and decrease job completion time-all leading to maximum productivity and profitability.
Digital Inkjet Printers
The VUTEk® product line delivers the industry's leading digital printers and inks for the fast growing superwide segment of the professional print market. Customers include commercial printers, screen printers, photo labs, sign shops and reprographic houses that print on a variety of grand format surfaces, including paper, vinyl, corrugated, textile, glass, plastic and nearly any other flexible and rigid substrate up to two inches thick. The EFI Wide Format line of UV printers are ideal for small- to mid-size prints shops looking to enter into the wide format graphics business with exceptional capabilities and high image quality in a small footprint. The Jetrion product line-up includes inkjet printers, inks and custom printing systems for the label and packaging industries, including hybrid digital printing systems which handle variable printing and a full color UV inkjet label press.
Advanced Professional Print Applications

EFI's Productivity Software business comprises software products for graphic arts and commercial print customers, including print MIS and Web to Print solutions.

EFI Print MIS Solutions: EFI Print Management solutions provide the foundation for connecting all prepress production and business management processes together including specification, estimating, planning, purchasing and costing. They enable printers and print buyers to improve productivity and reduce costs.

EFI Web to Print Solutions: EFI Web to Print solutions provide intuitive user interfaces that increase customer satisfaction and collaboration while reducing operator error, streamlining complex job cycles, and decreasing job completion time.

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Who are EFI's partners?
EFI has established key strategic alliances with leading partners including Adobe, Atlas, Axeda, Canon, Carlson Hospitality, Cisco Systems, DANKA, Datalogics, ENCAD, Epson, Franchise Services, Fujifilm, FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A, Fuji Xerox, Garderos, GENICOM, Gestetner, Guest-Tek, Heidelberg, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, IKON, Indigo, Interlink, Konica Minolta, KPG, Kodak, Lanier, Litho Supplies, Marriott, Microsoft, Mita, Mitsubishi, Nashuatec, Objectif Lune, Océ, Oki Data, Pageflex, Panasonic, Pitman, Pitney Bowes, Presstek, Research in Motion, Rex Rotary, Ricoh, Savin, Screen USA, Sharp, STSN, Tekgraf Toshiba, Troy Systems, Wayport, XANTE, Xerox, and Yahoo!, with thousands of sales locations worldwide.
Who are the end customers for EFI's Products
EFI products are sold to and installed in leading corporations, advertising agencies, graphic design studios and print-for-pay and commercial print businesses around the world. Some of EFI's end-user customers include Alphagraphics, Bank of America, Boeing, Chevron, Cisco Systems, Citibank, CocaCola, Deloitte and Touche, Dreamworks, FedEx Office, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Land O'Lakes, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Neutrogena, Nike, Pixar, Proctor & Gamble, Sir Speedy, Sprint, Staples, Sun, U.C. Berkeley, UPS, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers.
What is driving EFI's growth?
EFI has developed a clearly defined strategy to cultivate growth opportunities in the controller, software, wide and superwide format digital printing and packaging markets. Growth in these markets is driven by various factors including the growing adoption of color and the continued migration from analog to digital printing. In EFI's controller business, the company is bringing its industry-leading Fiery® technology to millions of users through a broad base of partnerships on an increasing number of copier and printer engines. EFI is expanding its presence in the professional printing market with comprehensive software solutions as commercial printers and corporate reproduction departments of large businesses migrate from analog to digital printing technology. EFI is capitalizing on this need by providing its expertise in variable data printing, color management and workflow software, as well as helping companies run their businesses more cost-effectively and efficiently with our ERP/Print MIS offerings. The wide and superwide format digital printing market is driven by the migration from analog to digital printing in addition to the growing demand for high impact applications, such as out-of-home advertising (e.g., Billboards, building wraps, and point-of-purchase advertising) and display graphics (e.g., Banners, large signage, tradeshow graphics, and art exhibits). The packaging industry is being driven by the growing influence of mass market retailers. Digital migration offers many advantages, such as significant cost savings, higher quality and increased efficiency.
Who are the Company's major competitors?
EFI's competitors in its core controller markets include Kodak (Print On Demand Solutions Group), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Canon and Xerox. In some cases, OEMs choose to develop and sell their own controllers for some of their printers and copiers and to outsource the development of controllers and other imaging technology to EFI. The professional printing market is fragmented with many smaller companies competing with EFI's solutions. In the superwide format digital printing market, EFI's competitors include HP and NUR Macroprinters. In the wide format market, EFI competes with HP and Mimaki, and in the packaging market, EFI competes with HP.
Why do OEM customers choose to work with EFI?
EFI is the leader in providing high-quality, color digital printing solutions to OEM partners. OEM partners choose EFI because of its independent expertise in developing industry-leading technology, fast time to market, cost savings and strong brand recognition among print professionals and corporate clients. By partnering with EFI, OEM customers significantly decrease their time to market, lower overall research and production costs, and provide end users with lower priced print solutions.
How does EFI plan to use its cash?
By leveraging its current cash position, EFI can repurchase stock and implement its acquisition strategy to enhance our traditional imaging technology and expand into both adjacent and new markets.
What is EFI's acquisition strategy?
EFI's acquisition strategy focuses on expanding and enhancing our focus on the commercial printing market. EFI will continue to investigate opportunities that align with our acquisition strategy and drive profitability and growth.
Has EFI made any acquisitions?

Since its inception, EFI has completed numerous acquisitions, including Splash Technology in 2000, Printcafe in 2003, VUTEk in 2005, CretaPrint in 2012, and Reggiani and Matan in 2015.

What is EFI's financial position?
EFI's ability to adapt to changes in the global economy has enabled the company to maintain its strong financial position. EFI remains committed to driving growth in all of its businesses, while continually looking for ways to reduce costs and increase profitability. The Company has $198.8 million in cash, cash equivalents, and long-term investments as of March 31, 2018. The company remains committed to strictly managing its financial assets and maintaining its strong balance sheet.
Where are EFI's facilities located?
EFI's worldwide headquarters is located in Silicon Valley at 6750 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont, CA, 94555. EFI has 23 offices worldwide. Click here for a list of locations.
How many employees does EFI have?
3,366 (as of December 31, 2017)
EFI Stock
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On which stock exchange does EFI trade and what is its ticker symbol?
When did EFI become a public company?

October 1992.

Does the Company have a direct purchase plan for its common stock?

No. Purchases can only be made through brokers on the standard exchanges.

Does the Company issue dividends?

No. Cash dividends have not been paid in the past, and none are being considered for the future.

Who is EFI's transfer agent?
EFI's transfer agent is:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
Maiden Lane
Plaza Level
New York, NY 10038
Corporate Website:
How do I change my address on my EFI stock certificate?
Any changes to stock certificates are to be made through American Stock Transfer & Trust Company. Most brokers can help complete the proper paperwork for changes to stock certificates with the transfer agent.
When have stock splits occurred?
Distribution Date
Split Ratio
When does EFI's fiscal year end?
December 31.
Who are EFI's independent accountants?
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Where can I find earnings information for EFI?
EFI typically posts information regarding upcoming earnings announcements on its home page, approximately one week prior to the earnings announcement. After earnings are announced, EFI posts its earnings press release in the News section of EFI's web site and posts a webcast of the conference call in the Events section of the website.
How do I get a copy of EFI's annual report/SEC filings?
Click here for our online version, or email us for a copy of our most recent annual report. To read our SEC filings, click here.

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