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May 1, 2006

EFI Releases PrinterSite Fulfillment Version 3.0 with Supercharged VDP Capabilities at Connect User Conference

EFI Releases PrinterSite Fulfillment Version 3.0 with Supercharged VDP Capabilities at Connect User Conference

Key Features Include Integrated XMPie Versioning and 1:1 Personalization Technology, and Integration with USADATA

Connect – Las Vegas – May 1, 2006 – EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in digital controllers, superwide format printers and inks, and print management solutions, has released the latest version of PrinterSite® Fulfillment, its client-facing web-to-print solution with integration to EFI Hagen? OA, EFI Logic? SQL and EFI PSI? print management systems. EFI is the leading provider of web-to-print technologies in the market today, with over 1,000 printers and thousands of their own customers using EFI products in a wide variety of applications.

PrinterSite Fulfillment provides customer-facing web sites for ordering pull-from-inventory, print-on-demand, and VDP items, as well as non-print items. The “best practices” Internet shopping experience provided by PrinterSite Fulfillment lets customers who have limited or no technical expertise order print and other products successfully. A variety of customer relationships, whether users are employees, independent sales agents or franchisees, can be supported. Ordering print products, from simple forms, stationery and business cards, point-of-sale products, packaging and label products, through to sophisticated direct mail campaigns incorporating personalization and fulfillment kits is quick and easy.

Many new features are now available in version 3.0 of the software. With new VDP tools, and by integrating PrinterSite Fulfillment with USADATA's List Module, users can now order sophisticated direct mail campaigns and fulfillment programs using corporate-approved collateral, mailers and lists in minutes.

New London Communications is an EFI PrinterSite Fulfillment and EFI PSI print MIS customer. Eric Rountree, vice president of operations, said: “At New London Communications, we believe that diversification is a lifeline for the printing industry. By being diverse in our offering, we give our clients the marketing products and services that they need, instead of just producing materials for them based on our capacity. Through our partnership with EFI, we have been able to land more program business through products like PrinterSite Fulfillment. This means less transactional business and less peaks and valleys from month to month. We are offering a full service direct mail solution with the help of EFI, USADATA and XMPie. Our clients can order their off-the-shelf items, gather their list of addresses with USADATA and even provide a one-to-one variable data program with the XMPie plug-in all in one session, online with PrinterSite Fulfillment. That's powerful.”

Enhanced USADATA and XMPie Features Highlight Version 3.0

The USADATA integration in PrinterSite Fulfillment 3.0 allows a print shop's customers to order mailing list and sales leads at the same time they buy items in the PrinterSite Fulfillment catalog. When the customer selects a product (for example, a postcard mailing), an online wizard walks the user through the list selection process with a simple UI, offering access to high-quality, privacy assured lists and leads. USADATA mailing list items appear on the checkout screen with the desired list quantity driving the mailer purchase quantity. Customers can also upload their own database files to produce personalized documents.

“The new release of EFI PrinterSite Fulfillment software enables online ordering of entire direct mail campaigns in minutes through a simple user interface,” said Bruce Meberg, Vice President for USADATA. “Printers' customers benefit by gaining access to high-quality, targeted sales leads that can help make their campaign successful and lead to more follow-on campaigns. In addition to more repeat business, printers benefit from adding a new source of revenue by reselling USADATA mailing lists, while cutting costs when customers place their own orders online.”

PrinterSite Fulfillment has always supported simple versioning of print-on-demand items, like business cards, stationery and letterhead. With the new, enhanced VDP capabilities from XMPie, more complex customizable items like collateral, point-of-purchase displays, sell sheets and advertising materials are now possible. Complete support for sophisticated business rules is standard. Items can be multi-page, front and back, as well as contain variable images, graphics and text that can flow from one page to the next. The advanced VDP features include capabilities such as the ability to choose images, as well as to upload images on the fly at order-time, pre-fill templates from user profiles, and pre-fill templates from database files with the ability to preview results in a standard browser with no plug-ins or applets. Users can also preview selected records online, or step through the entire database previewing each record against the variable data template document.

“EFI's choice to integrate its new PrinterSite Fulfillment solution with XMPie's VDP technology provides EFI customers with the ability to now create more complex, fully customized marketing materials,” said Ruth Jordan, EFI Channel Manager at XMPie. “XMPie's VDP technology is rapidly becoming the industry's variable engine of choice, enabling a wide range of industry leading products and solutions. The flexibility of XMPie software allows users to maximize design capabilities to increase response rates more than ever before.”

A Complete, Integrated Solution

“Fulfillment is becoming a broader-based discipline for print service providers, and now includes print on demand, mailing services, VDP, superwide format, non-print items and even e-mail and Internet campaigns. A single order might include products and services from each of these categories,” said Chuck Gehman, director of product marketing for EFI. “PrinterSite Fulfillment, and its industry-leading integration with so many other EFI and partner technologies, enables printers to more easily capitalize on these new revenue-generating value-added services, and can scale to meet an ever increasing transaction volume.”

The integration of PrinterSite Fulfillment with EFI's print management systems enables both clients and staff to accurately track quantities and order status in real-time. As orders are placed and new work is produced for clients, inventory updates from Hagen, Logic or PSI are automatically reflected in the online product catalog.

PrinterSite Fulfillment provides the customer-facing interface to a complete EFI fulfillment and mailing solution, combining web sites, finished goods inventory systems, order processing and billing in the EFI print management systems, EFI's Manhattan warehouse management system, the integrated Window Books mailing software, and an XMPie VDP scalability. This robust integration streamlines order processing, and allows the solution to scale to tens of thousands of users, and to thousands of orders per day. For more information, please contact 1-800-875-7117.

About EFI

EFI (www.efi.com) is the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing. EFI's award-winning technologies offer end to end, integrated document management tools from creation to print, including high fidelity color Fiery® print servers that can output up to 2000 ppm; superwide digital inkjet printers and UV and solvent inks capable of printing on flexible and rigid substrates; powerful print production workflow and management information software solutions for increased performance and cost efficiency; and an array of corporate printing solutions. EFI's integrated solutions connect seamlessly, delivering unbeatable performance, cost savings and increased productivity. EFI maintains 22 offices worldwide.

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Katie Maller
EFI Public Relations

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