I confirm, to the best of my knowledge and ability, that the following statements are true and correct for my transactions with customers during the three-month period ended [ ].

To the best of my knowledge and ability:

  1. I have provided appropriate departments within the Company with complete customer contract files (including all purchase orders, contracts, letter agreements, sales offers, shipping documents and other correspondence) for all customers.
  2. There are no side letters, emails or oral agreements with customers that would modify or supersede the terms of the purchase orders and/or contracts with these customers
  3. There are no customer rights of return or modifications of payment terms, other than those described in the customer orders or contracts.
  4. I have not made any sales for which payment is contingent upon the resale of the product or upon the customer's obtaining financing from an outside funding source.
  5. I have not made any shipments in advance of dates necessary to meet customer delivery requirements.
  6. I have not recognized any revenue on products in my possession or under my control.
  7. No matters or occurrences have come to my attention during the period described above and through the date of this letter that would prevent or delay payment by the customer according to the terms agreed.
  8. I have complied with the Company's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

I understand that (a) failure to return a signed copy of this letter or (b) returning a signed copy of this letter knowing that the statements made therein are inaccurate, may subject me to disciplinary action by the Company, which may include, among other things, forfeiture of my variable compensation as well as termination of my employment with the Company.

Revisions approved by the Audit Committee April 7, 2011
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